Sterling Languages Methodology

The world of language learning is filled with confusing buzzwords and fashionable labels such as flipped classroom and CLIL. Often there is a certain amount of smoke and mirrors involved in giving far too much importance to a methodology which companies and teachers will struggle to explain to you. Meanwhile local language education systems give far too much emphasis on grammar and remembering vocabulary lists, thus neglecting to give students the tools to communicate efficiently with their hard learned knowledge.


3 Core Principles

At Sterling Languages we stick by our 3 core principles, Simple, uncomplicated and functional. These core values are at the heart of all good communication and so we base everything we do on them.


Simplicity is Genius

We believe simplicity is genius. We know that over complicating our classes makes our work seem more relevant and important but we’d rather teach people languages in a more effective manner, leaving us more time to coach communication and work on skills.


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Coaching Communication

Sterling Languages know that languages are a skill to be practised, a tool of communication and an art to express. This is why we coach communication rather than teach languages. Giving you the skills and confidence needed to get the results you want and need from the language.


Native Language Coaches and Teachers

Our courses are taught and coached by native speakers. We use experienced native speakers who understand the local language and culture to help them understand the students thinking and reasoning.


Hard Skills

Through consultation we incorporate hard skills such as negotiation or sales techniques. We can add any in-house training material to our material to maintain company protocol in foreign and second languages.


Soft Skills

Learning a language gives you the perfect opportunity to evaluate and rethink how you speak, persuade, listen in both your mother tongue and in the language you are practising. Our communicative approach and emphasis on language coaching is perfect in helping with this.

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Cultural Insights

Understanding the mindset and psychology of the people behind the language is enormously helpful in understanding and using language better and that gives our language learning and training the upper hand.


Mnemonics in Language learning

The human brain deals with and remembers dry information in a very unefficient manner. We use memory tricks or mnemonics to help improve students retention of what they have learned. The key is visualization and emotional interaction, so we use it in all our courses.



We use the thoughts, teachings, work and expertise as well as collaborate wherever possible with carefully selected experts in the fields covered by our hard and soft skills, mnemonics, sales training and psychology, sector specific experts.



Functional, effective language training and coaching depends on a cleverly thought out mix of those elements. Here at Sterling Languages we know through experience that our system works, bereft of fashionable buzzwords and confusing methodology. It is not rocket science, so don’t let them fool you into thinking it is. Contact us today to see where we can take you.