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The world is getting ever smaller and communication brings us ever closer. English is at the heart of modern communication, social media, technology and improved customer experience. And so employees are increasingly looking for candidates with a higher level in languages and even interviewing in English. Large multinationals are no exception putting greater value on language competencies and the global integration they bring while interviewing both internal and external candidates, holding workshops, seminars and courses. All in English.

So how do we go about improving our chances and language skills? We have study for ever more difficult exams and study harder. Joining one of the numerous academies and language schools to obtain that qualification that will give us the advantage.

At Sterling Languages we believe languages are a skill, an art, a tool for communication that needs to be Functional, Clear and Uncomplicated. We believe in only sitting exams when necessary. The right exam that will get you the job you want. Teaching languages functionally, giving you the skill sets so that you are able to use the language effectively, to do your dream job better.

Employment language services

And so our complete Employment Language Services take you on a journey.

Vocational Language Training

Sterling Languages gives you the linguistic skills and confidence to get where you want to be with our unrivaled professional language training and qualification preparation.

Employment Webinar Workshops

That focus on language skills, competencies and techniques you need. Follow our blog and social media for the latest.

C.V consultancy and translation

Where we understand every detail counts such as the subtle nuances of language or layout. Knowledge of the local culture can also help you when deciding on curriculm vitae format. 

Interview coaching and preparation

To give you the confidence, skills and techniques so you give your best interview and land the job that you really want.

Job Finder

Finally through to our recruitment service that takes the stress out of finding work. National or international, our network of specialised agents will get you to your dream workplace.

If there is a language service you need that we don’t offer, get in touch, we are always willing to find a solution.

We are working languages.