Functional language training to prepare you for any business event in any language. We help you make the best impression and leave them impressed.

Sterling Languages believes in simple, clear, functional communication that is tailored to your audience. So we create Business Event Preparation sessions that fuse aspects of emotional intelligence with our functional language training. We leave you confident and fully prepared for your presentation, workshop, fair, congress, speech or any public speaking event where your performance, interaction and language count.

Preperación para Eventos Empresariales

Tailor made

Your input should feel personalised and leave the required impression on your audience. So we fully personalize all our sessions to create bespoke sessions that leave you confident to make the right impression and get the most from the event.

Soft Skills & E.I (Emotional Intelligence)

Not only what you say, but also how you say it are important on having the desired effect on your audience. So we incorporate psychologically proven soft skills and emotional intelligence to our functional language skills so you get your message across the right way.


Forget worrying about your language level and skills and concentrate on message, content and audience. Our preparation will leave you confident to adapt and participate to the event rather than avoiding taking part or relying on rehearsed and unnatural set phrase answers.



Our preparation techniques get the best performance out of any level, helping you to maximize your performance and participation at your event. Sterling Languages; maximising working languages.



Our experience in language preparation for events help us to give you the edge. Feel confident in what to expect and how to react in any business event held in English or a second language.

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