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The world is becoming ever smaller and communication brings us ever closer. English is becoming more and more common at work and in our everyday lives. From apps to chats we are becoming increasingly reliant on communicating in foreign languages. Whatsmore we have fun using buzz words and expressions at work, often giving ourselves a sense of oneupmanship. More seriously they are used for opening up and gaining access to new markets, while removing barriers to global commerce.

So how do we go about improving our use of this valuable resource? English for English sake, unnecessary and unused exam qualifications, studying lists of verbs and phrases, all the while never giving a moment's thought to why and we need to do with it. Many companies offer badly thought out and organised courses, where their margins are at the centre of their thinking rather than yours, telling you your needs rather than listening for solutions.

At Sterling Languages we take a different approach. Our services are made to measure. Tailor made after consultation with you, with your performance and needs in mind. Functional with the vocabulary, grammar and soft skills (EI) needed to get the results you demand. Focused on your sector, department or even product and balanced with everyday language to help you succeed. Communication is the key.


Functional B2B Language CoursesSterling Langauges Courses Cursos ingles


Results and skills based

Language Training for businesses fused with coaching to give the skill sets and competencies needed.


In-house or white label

Our courses are created in consultation with you which gives us the perfect opportunity to reinforce any in-house training you want into our courses, or why not contract us to create a full white label option to create our unique funcional English courses as your own?

Business Event PreparationPreperación para Eventos Empresariales


Sterling Languages leaves you confident and fully prepared to participate and obtain the maximum benefits from any presentation, workshop, fair, congress, speech.  Any public speaking event where your performance, interaction and language count.

Interactive Webinar WorkshopsWebinar Workshops

Theme specific, in depth B2B Webinar Workshops that concentrate on one keynote skill, theme or topic within one sector and department giving an enriching masterclass.

Other Services

In addition to our communication courses Sterling Languages offer a series of sector and industry specific complimentary services. From open conversation or quiz nights in English classes for bars and taverns to cookery classes and wine tasting for restaurants, we have the experience and imagination needed to offer personalised business events in English.

Ingles empresas traducion y consultacionLanguage consultation & translation Services that use  the subtleties of sales psychology and business know how to get your message across. Websites, Marketing material, social media output, signs and menus. No detail is too small.


If there is a language service you need that we don’t offer, get in touch, we are always willing to find a solution.


We are working languages.